You are satisfied with your mixes and in need of an individual mastering?
In that case, the Rinkowsky Suite is the perfect match for you. Before the mastering process, I listen to your music intensively and choose my set up individually. Because every single device has its very unique character, which takes your production to another level. The result: oganic, transparent, dynamic and, if desired, with the analogue warmth of the Sixties and Seventies. Those characteristics make the difference from other productions, because brutal loudness, feel-good EQ-ing and preset dynamics via standard plugins is nothing special.

In contrast, my approach is most of all based on emotional qualities. The know-how about the various requirements in audio recording, like for various media types, let’s say vinyl, CD and streaming, are the bread and butter tools of the trade. There is more to it in the case of mastering. I dig deep into your music and analyse the message of your songs. Only then, I try to fix potential problems in your mix. There are „mixing mistakes“ though, which can enhance the individual characters of your material, because there is no right or wrong in music. Your uniqueness is the measure of all things to me and the prime standard for a fitting mastering process.


Your mixes are finished, but the result is not really convincing?
The balance of levels, the effects and the message are somehow correctly captured, but the overall sound is murky and the signals hard to seperate?
In that case, you should consider a stem mastering at my Rynkowsky Suite.
Because I stem-master and mix only the analouge way, I exclusively use the cream of the crop in analogue equipment. This is to breathe life into your music, which has been sorely missed before. You won’t recognize your mixes anymore, in a positive way, I mean!


You split your music into various groups:

rhythmic: drums, percussions, etc., bass: e-bass and other bass signals, harmonic rhythmic: rhythm guitar, pizzicato strings, etc., harmonic pads: strings, etc., solo instruments, backing vocals, lead vocal

The rules of the 2 track-mastering apply to the stem-mastering: every effect, EQs and dynamics need to be switched off! Every stem should have the same starting point and be named according to artist name, song title and group of instruments.


• No sum processing like EQs or dynamics, meaning no processing signals on the master out, and if being kept, only if they play an important role or add up to the character of the song.
•The sum-signal must never clip. If that is the case, the lowering of the master signal does not help. The only solution to the problem is to lower the single tracks in their entirety, while keeping the respective ratio. The master fader should remain in the zero dB-position and the loudest track must not get louder than -3dBFS.
• To avoid accidential erasure, please leave some space at the start and end of each song.
• Name track by artist name, song title and track number.


Files in wav or aiff, in the original recording quality, meaning, i.e. if you have recorded in 48kHz and 24bit quality, you should keep that format and do not bounce the file in a different quality, because a lot of information can be lost that way. Of course, Adats and CDs can be delivered as well.

2-track ¼ inch analogue tape.