Why not canned music

Soundtrack or sound branding – the Rinkowsky Suite makes your film or product look better in sound. In being a composer and multi-instrumentalist who has spawned a great network, I can tailor the fitting sound for any task.

If you want to capture the mood with a sound or you want to promote your product sonically, keeping its promise intact harmonically, then a commissioned composition is THE ideal tool. It adds spice to your message, which can’t be achieved via random or bland archive music..


The Rinkowsky Suite is THE exquisite sonic forgery for your high-end soundtrack. Emotions will eventually be triggered only if the composition is sonically on point. This means the maintenance of loudness standards, which are set for cinema and radio advertisment. It also means a thorough choice of musical means.

Being a versatile studio musician, I transform your wishes and expectations into a powerful and dynamic soundscape in such a way, that your message does not only get received, but can be felt.


Your advantages of a commissioned composition

• Music which accentuates your film or advertisment
es• Exclusive rights to the material (on requiery for an extra charge)
• Tailor-made soundbranding for your company (sound logo on your website, in your promotional film, radio among others)

From the conception stage, to the prouction process and the mastering, I keep contact with my clients in order to deliver the fitting music to their project.