Marcel Sude an verschiedenen Geräten im Studio „The spirit of music is not connected to time. Only if time stands still, music unfolds from the artist’s inner self.“ (Marcel Sude, music producer) Seitenansicht Studio Kommandobruecke MASTERING Analogue, creative
individually, in due form.
MIXING Analogue,
organic and
RECORDING When the recording- process becomes your very own concert.



In my Rinkowsky Suite, I can make your music ring out in a unique way. Because here, the signal processing is managed mainly by state-of-the-art analogue technology from past decades. Here, the old tube technology of the Sixties meets timeless analogue technology from all eras.
Of course, I use digital high-end technology too, for instance as a recording and editing tool. Nevertheless, there is the possibility of having an all-analogue recording session, on 2 inch tape and on a 24 track recording machine.
Over the 30 years course of gathering work experience in analogue music production, I have developped an insight into which piece of equipment works best to obtain the desired effect, for the various genres of Jazz, Electro, Pop and Rock. Now, I have assembled all those machines and the Rinkowsky Suite has become my creative hub for either your music or my very own compositions, be it movie soundtracks or stage productions.
In the Rinkowsky Suite, time is standing still.
I am looking forward to your music!

A big thank you goes to my partner, musician and esteemed friend Frank Post from, with whom I was able to set up this high-quality studio together.