Mixing is my passion!

Mixing is my passion!
Here, in my Rinkowsky Suite, I have the required tranquility and the perfect room, which allows me to work in such a way, that I can totally immerse into your music. I let time fly by and preserve any space you allow me to occupy with my creativity. I have gathered 30 years of experience to create myself such a surrounding, where creativity has priority over assembly line work. There’s nothing more disgusting to me than mixing on a piece-rate basis, because the results from that method can only be mediocre at best.
I take the time. And that is the exact reason why musicians who have worked with me, have faith in me.
I mix predominantly the analogue way, using an Amek/Neve console, which preserves a punchy, defined and warm sound. For surgical interventions, I certainly use a plugin now and again, but the sound sculpturing is exclusively analogue.


Handing over of the tracks
  • Please make sure that all tracks are handed over in the same format as you recorded them. That is, if you recorded in 48kHz and 24Bit, then you should leave the individual files in the same format.
  • In addition, all EQs, Dynamics and effects should be removed from all tracks. The exception, of course, is relevant effects that you have recorded. If you are unsure, then of course you can also give me the edited and unprocessed track.
  • All tracks should have the same starting point.
  • Every single track should have a fade out at the end. Keep the „dirt“, if there is something annoying or it ruins the song, I will delete it.
  • Finally, you should name all tracks with artist name, song title and instrument.


Mixing – Mastering