By the age of 7, for the first time I experienced how melody and sound can become a unit, a phenomenon unkown to me before. That’s when I witnessed the playing of a brandnew Jean Michel Jarre copy of „Oxygene“, back in 1976, at a friend’s house, on a stunning hi-fi.
Time just stopped for me!
I will never forget this feeling!

Sound and melody, those almost bland words, they have coined my life a 100%, up until now. I was eager to find out all about this fascination as fast as I could, and to (re-)produce what has given me this feeling of yore up to this day.

Directed by Twilight Studios in Illingen

Home to many analog recording sessions, Twilight Studios, circa 1998.

Thus, assembling the first songs by using the ping pong-technique in my bedroom. First gigs as a singer and keyboard player of my initial band. Then, eventually the mandatory career choice had to be made. Ok, being a musician! Tough. Thus, becoming a trained television and broadcasting technician, adjacent civil service and at the end of 1995 simply buying one of the last analogue studios in Europe. Madness!


Marcel Sude and two bandmembers of Savoy Truffle at a mixing session

Playback session in the Twilight Studio with Savoy Truffle c. 2001.

In this studio I learned what it means to produce. No computer, only analog tape, a huge mixing console, outboard and micros. No snippets of songs, no reshaping of groove. No, everything was real and direct. The songs had to be played completely in one piece!
Almost unimaginable today…

During these precious years at Twilight Studios, I learned to get closer and closer to my ideal of sound and melody.


Marcel Sude sitting on the piano from above

In this studio, I have learned what it means to produce music. No computer, analogue tape only, a vast mixing console, outboard equipment and mics. No stitching together of songs, no shifting of grooves. No, all direct and real. The songs had to be played in their entirety, the whole way thru. Almost unimaginable today!
In those precious years at Twilight Studios, I have learned to come closer to my ideal of sound. Today, roughly 43 years later, I have almost met that ideal. But what is even more important: I still love music! I love honest and authentic music still today. It doesn’t matter how it was generated. I don’t care if either digitally or the analogue way. It needs to be organic. That’s the reason why I prefer the analogue method. Because any process, every analogue processing, can’t be replicated. No total recall! What is a must for others, I consider as a „no go“. A song is a piece of evidence of that time. Of course, there are unfinished songs which will never be completed. But most of the songs develop over a very short period of time, which is full of creativity and input. Those precious time needs to be captured and this again requires time, a lot of time, if you want to meet the perfect moment. I take that time and give it back to the musicians, with whom I produce their music together. Time and tranquility.


Marcel Sude lächelnd Portrait

"The spirit of music knows no time.
Because only when time stops, only then does the music shine from the composer's heart." (Marcel Sude, music producer)