A piece of art is supposed to come into existence. The best ought to be captured. The very own music in its purest form. That’s the way a musican feels inside a studio. He or she turns him-/herself inside out. Those sentiments of higher planes can crumble like a house of cards, that’s when you get the feeling of not having made the most out of the material. It’s not about the perfect or immaculate. It’s all about authenticity which is not formed in the mind, but a gut instinct. Detached from any form of reality.

I want to capture this irrationality on tape or hard drive with you. I provide for your relaxation and well-being. No technical messing about, no time constraints, no stress involved. I empathize with your music and dive into your collective body of sound. My point of entry is that of a neutral listener, who likes to share ideas, delegating between emotion and technology. Due to my year-long gathering of expertise, you can watch me dialing every knob „en passant“. Nonetheless, every single recording process is a another experience by which I define my own limitations anew. There are no limits to the way you record either. What you’ll never hear in the Rinkowsky Suite:“…that’s the way you do it, because it has always been done that way!“ No! We create something completly new. We have all freedom in the world to do what we want to do, without any limitations.


At your disposal, the Rinkowsky Suite has a superbly equipped recording room. Solo artists or smaller bands ,like duos or trios, can leisurely record live or step-by-step. The ambience is informal, far away from the everyday stress and noise. A great garden areal allows for relaxation and the coffee is of course delicious!


The Rinkowsky Suite offers an extensive live-setup. This allows me to record in any destination of the world, guaranteed there is electric power, the heating keeps you from freezing and the obligatory coffee machine is working. If you have a holiday home for example, there’s nothing more beautiful than that! Recordings far away from the daily routine are set to guarantee another unique production.


Recording – Mixing – Mastering